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Recover formatted SanDisk SD card with iCare Format Recovery.  In addition to SanDisk, you are also able to retrieve data from memory cards of other manufacturers such as Micro SD, Panasonic, and Samsung.

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Tutorial: how to use iCare Format Recovery

Sandisk card formatted file restore

SanDisk is one of the leading manufacturers of SD cards that are widely used as companions to cell phones, blackberries, iPhones, iPods and other portable media devices.  It is a trusted name that offers consumers a reliable way to transfer files from one location to another.

Sometimes, during the transferring of files, errors cause data on the SanDisk SD card to become at risk of being lost.  Without the presence of a format recovery software like iCare Format Recovery, you could potentially lose all of the data you had saved on your memory card.  When you download iCare, however, you are downloading a powerful software that is able to retrieve your files from some of the most hopeless situations.

There are even times when a SanDisk SD card has been reformatted twice, making it even more difficult to access the stored data.  This situation is still not extreme enough to keep iCare Format Recovery from retrieving the data off your memory card.  You can recover formatted SanDisk SD card successfully and keep all of the files and photos that are important to you safe. 

Working with FAT32 (the most common SD card memory type) and RAW data files (the section of your hard drive that recognizes memory card data), there are a lot of things that can go wrong.  There are times when your computer and your SanDisk SD card are simply not in synch.  While formatting a memory card is quite simple, preserving the data contained within while formatting it is not.  That is why iCare Format Recovery makes it easy for you to transfer all types of data on a memory card without worrying about your files or folders being lost or destroyed. 

The programmers of iCare Format Recovery realize that it is easy to mistakenly reformat your RAW drive or memory card and delete all of your photos and files.  That is why they have included step by step guides on how to resolve unforeseen issues that arise when you are attempting to transfer data.  When you need to recover formatted SanDisk SD card, count on iCare Format Recovery to complete the job without losing any of your precious data. 

See how format recovery was performed by iCare Format Recovery.

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1, Download iCare Format Recovery on

2, Connect your drive(if external) to Windows OS and run iCare Format Recovery, which will let you select the drive to recover files.

3, Preview lost files before registery.

4, Register and active the program to save files.

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